Memories from Shielding

On the 21st March 2020 shielding started for the majority of Aspergillosis sufferers. AT started daily questions. The aim was for some small part of the day we thought about something else other than Covid-19. Jill started with a 30 day music challenge. Then Mike took over with the arts. John then took over the baton and his questions were people and places. After that, it was a joint effort concerning food.

These questions have shown that although we have an chronic illness that can encompass so much of our day. We have coped extremely well. We have learnt so much about each other and been able to handle the problems of food deliveries, loneliness, and the support groups have brought us closer together.

AT thought we would set up a memory page so we can look back in a years time and see how resilient we were. It also shows that we are not defined by our illness. The talent, creativity and skill that is in our group is amazing.


Has been very busy gardening and baking.


Has been doing jigsaws


Has been busy in her garden and her faithful friend Torrie has been helping.


Has been batch baking.


Has completed a diploma in Feline Anatomy and Physiology.


Has been walking the beach in Eastbourne, New Zealand.


Has been working from home. She has also taken up baking again and some of her family members have remarked that it has been a highlight of lockdown getting a fairy cake. She has also learnt how to make TicTok videos and has had a laugh dancing around making them. As well as all that she has been colouring in and doing jigsaws on her iPad.


Has been crocheting bears and bunnies for her local hospice and friends and family. She has made 47. She celebrated her 40th wedding anniversary sitting in the car eating fish and chips.


Has been making scrubs bags for nurses at the hospitals she attends. She has made 32 bags to date. She has also done her own version of Springwatch by doing videos of wildlife in her garden.


Had reflections on how it unfolded. We were all looking forward to WAD when on the Thursday zoom meeting Graham told us lots of delegates weren’t going to the World Aspergillosis conference. The virus we had been hearing about in China had spread to Northern Italy, close to the border where the conference was being held! Our PSG (Patient Support Group) West Midlands were holding their annual fundraiser on Tuesday 3rd March which exceeded expectations and raised a great £500.00 plus but the virus news was getting worse and my closing thanks included for the first time Stay Safe! We count ourselves so fortunate that the event happened and was so successful the ladies of Dudley Golf Club worked so hard to support our cause. I met with them for lunch the next week and can only say the “rest is history “
Lockdown came and is still there for most of us. I have been enjoying my daily walk with Keith and Louie my Golden Retriever puppy now 7 months I think he’s saved our sanity.


Is shielding in Spain not at home so did not have access to the things she would usually do – knitting, crochet, sewing, jigsaws and baking. So she started doing keep fit with Joe Wicks and a neighbour from home sent her some colouring pencils, as she had a book of postcards to colour. She was also sent puzzle books.


Has been busy sorting boxes of photos into albums, baking cooking and a daily walk. She has also been learning how to play the Kalimba ( an African musical instrument).


Has been improving her French.


Has been increasing her fitness by walking around her kitchen or dancing with the radio on full blast. If she feels a slot of energy off she goes. She is also re learning T’ai Chi and hopes to rejoin her group when shielding finishes.


Has been doing some artwork – this one is Virus View.


Has been studying for her GRE and busy with grad school applications.


Has been training her new Labrador puppy, gardening (whilst wearing a mask) and cooking with the produce from her garden in Brisbane.


Has moved into her 88 year old mother’s house to look after her and her own son. They have had a great time together.


In her words has got her baking mojo back and revived her love of hanging baskets.


Along with 15 volunteers has been making masks for people that have been helping deliver meals etc. 47,000 to date. She has also made 100 plus to give to those who need them.


Is still working and has to wear full PPE. Also still doing evening classes but they are now online.


Has been learning to play the harmonica with her Singing4Breathing group and restarted playing the flute.


Has been making her own soda bread.


Has been quilling and making birthday cards.


Soda bread making, exploring Belgian beers and chocolate making has been keeping Sam busy.


Has completed a viking tapestry that she started years ago.


Has resumed his guitar playing and singing. He is also reassembling an historic motorcycle from boxes.


Has been taking photos and managed to increase the distance she walks from 2 miles to 5/7. She has been reconnecting with nature and appreciating what is right outside her door.


Has resumed playing his bass guitar and teaching himself German.


Has written a poem about Covid-19.

There’s a nasty virus in the air
And we all must stay at home
It all feels really unfair
And some people… well they moan

The Government offer us advice
But at first we think it’s funny
Then across the land everyone joins in
Washing hands singing happy birthday, twice!

Times like these are testing
They unsettle us to our core
But listen we must to the experts
If we want life like it was before

We are safe behind our windows
Or 2 metres far apart
We are safe on screens for FaceTime
Even though it breaks our heart

Online food slots are snapped up
as people panic buy
Toilet roll shelves are empty
Can anyone tell us why?

Every day the news is sad
We cannot comprehend
That this virus swept across the World
When will this all end?

Our new routines are changing
As we try to cope with each new day
Some start off with fitness
Others in bed they stay

We’ve picked up on hobbies
Even started reading our books
But our hair often looks a mess
As we don’t care about looks

The days turn into weeks
As we come to terms with this
Our daughter drops our groceries off
And I can only blow a kiss

The community have pulled together
Offering help in so many ways
And in return I display rainbows
In my windows to brighten their days

Our garden is as tidy as ever
As jobs outside are done
Mother Nature smiles at us
The weather decides some sun

This only makes things harder
As we dream of being set free
The Government remind us wisely
Now is not the time for the sea!

They say this is no holiday
And remind us every day
That the urge to flout the rules
Means families sit & pray

They cannot be with their loved ones
As they take their final breath
They cannot hug each other now
This virus is causing death

The message remains the same
We urge you & really stress
Keep your distance, wash your hands
Stay home, save lives, protect our NHS


Has been learning to speak Spanish and brush up on his chess playing.


Face masks, ear protectors, scrub bags and diamond painting has been keeping Linzi busy.


Has taken up jogging everyday (for the first time in years) and is halfway through his second marathon as at 12.06.20.


Changing hair styles and colour in between moving home.


Has been reading and writing reviews on his facebook page.


Jigsaws, reading, baking and trying and succeeding at losing weight.


Has been spending time training her cat to walk on her back legs. She has also been taking art classes online.


Has been card making, growing her own plants for the garden and reading.


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