University of Worcester

What are Fungal Spores

National Pollen and Aerobiology Research Unit have made some Allergenic Fungal Spore Calendars. These show the monthly average totals of spores per cubic metre of air, for the five year period, 2006-2010.

fungal spores aspergillus penicillium spp graph

The calendars have been produced by averaging 5 years of data collected in Worcester. Worcester is located in the centre West of the country and receives high amounts of pollen and spores due to very suitable weather and sources. Although the trends shown will be similar for much of the country, the average amounts will tend to be lower in western coastal regions and mountainous areas. The spore seasons in Northern Ireland, Scotland and the far North England will also start a few days to two weeks later than in the more southerly regions. A weekly spore forecast for spores is available here

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