The Aspergillosis Trust (AT)


Aspergillosis Trust is a patient advocacy group.  It is run by patients and carers in the UK and the EU.

It is a rare. debilitating and sometimes deadly infection.  It can attack people of any age.  Aspergillosis Trust (AT) also raise funds for desperately needed research.

Aim of AT

The vision of Aspergillosis Trust (hereafter “The Trust”) is to achieve the best possible outcomes for all aspergillosis patients, until such time as a cure can be found. The Trust’s Business Plan 2021-24 includes an aspiration to support research into the disease and mycology generally that can help improve health outcomes for patients. We will work towards this by:

  • Raising awareness of aspergillosis amongst the general public.
  • Finding ways to ensure patients get the best possible information to help them manage the illness.
  • Increase the understanding of the condition amongst medical professionals and the public at large, particularly with a view to improving diagnosis.
  • Once aspergillosis is better known, it should be recognised and diagnosed by doctors more swiftly throughout the UK, EU and Worldwide. This will enable more people to get the right treatment promptly and improve outcomes.


We are a patient-led group, committed to working with anyone who has an interest in supporting our work or learning from our experiences.

Our vision is to contribute towards finding the best treatments, and ultimately a cure, for all forms of aspergillosis. In order to achieve this, we aim to provide a range of information and support to new and existing patients as well as using our knowledge and experience to inform, and on occasions fund, research into new or existing treatments.




NB:The UK has an existing centre for the diagnosis and treatment of Aspergillosis at the National Aspergillosis Centre at Wythenshawe Hospital, Manchester, UK ( in the North ). Another smaller Aspergillosis clinic runs at Brompton Hospital, London, UK, which is in the process of becoming a specialist centre for the South.




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