NAC have set up different support groups on Facebook.  This is so everyone can talk about their difficulties in life due to Aspergillosis in its many forms.  Users find these groups extremely helpful, especially for the newly diagnosed patients and their carers. 

So please visit these groups if you:

  • Have any question about Aspergillosis.
  • Want to talk about your daily life and the challenges you face with Aspergillosis.
  • Are in need of someone to listen



Aspergillosis Support group

Aspergillosis local support group London

West -Yorkshire local support group

 East Midlands local support group 

Kate Montali organises this group.  They meet on the 1st Tuesday of the month at the Railway Inn in Rushden,  Northants.  Please contact Kate at about more details.  

West Midlands local support group

Liverpool local support group

Scotland local support group

Australia local support group

USA local support group

Canada local support group




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