At this moment in time we are unable to award Grants. Please keep in touch with us as we hope to be able to help in the near future

Grant Making and Research Policy

  • Criteria for grants.

In order to be successful, the applicant must meet the following criteria:

  1. The research must relate specifically to the needs of aspergillosis patients. This can include fields of mycology, respiratory health or pulmonary rehabilitation. Applicants are more likely to be successful if they can demonstrate clear links to aspergillosis rather than to lung health generally.
  2. The purpose of the funding and how the applicant proposes to use the funds must be made explicit in the application. The Trust will support the student where access to patients, their treatment journey or their experience may be of help.
  3. The applicants programme of research must be overseen by an approved educational body and supervised by someone with an appropriate level of knowledge.
  4. The Trust reserves the right to seek references and undertake background checks on applicants to ensure that best use of the funds can be assured.
  5. The grant is for the exclusive use of the research, and students will be asked to demonstrate to the Trust how the funds have been used. The student may be asked to submit receipts in some circumstances, e.g. travel expenses.
  6. Use of Funds.

The Trust does not wish to be overly proscriptive about how funds are used, as our intent is to encourage innovation and creativity amongst researchers. Given the relatively low amount we can offer though, ideas might include:

  • Interviews with patients, carers or others to look at treatment journeys, etc.
  • Arranging for patients to be connected to medical trials and informed fully about risks, etc.
  • Obtaining patient involvement in, for example, inhaler designs or simplified treatment plans.

This list is not exhaustive.

  • Available Funds
  1. The Trust offers no guarantee that finance will be available at any given time. The amount available is entirely dependent upon the fundraising activities and available resources of the Trust.
  2. The maximum available grant for any single project will normally be £500.
  3. Requests for amounts higher than £500 will only be considered in exceptional circumstances subject to the trustees agreeing that the research offers particularly important or innovative findings.
  • Application Process
  1. We would recommend in the first instance that prospective applicants contact the Trust. A contact form can be found on our website:
  2. The Trust will advise if the project appears to be appropriate for us to support and confirm whether or not funds are available.
  3. If agreement is confirmed, the applicant should complete the form in Appendix A
  4. The Trustees will discuss the application and make a decision.
  5. Applicants may be invited to a trustees meeting (held online) to discuss the application in further detail.
  6. Due to the small nature of the charity, no right of appeal exists should the application be refused.
  • Successful Applicants

Once successful, applicants will be contacted by one or more trustees or Trust volunteers to agree practical details such as the type, level and frequency of reporting, to introduce ourselves, and to examine ways in which the Trust can support the research.

Approved by Trustees 15.5.21

Downloadable application form:-

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