This page contains Blogs, one written by Jill, an Aspergillosis Trust (AT) co-founding patient member and volunteer. Jill’s song title themed Blog is a great illustration of the rollercoaster ride of having Aspergillosis and the impact it has upon the lives of all concerned.  


The other is a more recently started Blog, written by Cliff.  He is a retired horticulturist, who is a proud father of two, plus grandfather of seven grandchildren.  He is an AT member who manages the Aspergillosis Trust Twitter account, in between maintaining his beautiful garden.  Check out the photos in his Blog to see what we mean!

Cliff The Mouldy Old Grower


We now have a new blog written by Leslee.  She has written a patient story for us which is on the Media page but now she is writing a blog.

Back and Breathing


Sam has now joined our team of bloggers.  She has a complicated medical history which she is happy to share with us.

A Lung Story

Sadly Sam died on 22nd December 2019.   This past year has been a battle but she had incredible spirit.  We only knew her for a short while but in that time she fought hard to bring awareness.


My Lung Journey

Karen Linton writes about her treatment and life with Aspergillosis


Chronically Missing Me

Yasmin has started writing down her thoughts.  The day to day struggles of a young woman coping with chronic illness. 



Jill also makes lots of cards and ribbons for fundraising.  Jill does the distribution of awareness items, posters and leaflets.  We also have Dimpke who has designed the website and keeps it up to date.  Dimpke, Cliff and Jill  are all co-founding members and suffer with Aspergillosis.



Happy reading!



NOTE: If you would like your Blog (diary) to appear on this page, please send it to or This could include your experiences in writing of what your life is like with Aspergillosis, or caring for someone with it.  You could also include photos.  It could even include videos (Vlog). These personal stories greatly enhance our efforts to increase awareness of Aspergillosis Worldwide.





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