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NOTE: to order awareness items, please complete the form on this page. Then pay using the link at the bottom of the page. Please ensure you state which items you want in the AT Trust Donation page. This is so we can match up orders with payments and send them to the correct person. We have written out step-by-step instructions here:  Donating via Aspergillosis Trust Virgin Money Giving

The Aspergillosis Trust has designed a variety of items that can help us all increase awareness  of aspergillosis. They are all branded with the Trust’s name and website address. So please use them in everyday life. Even wearing something as small as a wristband whenever you go out will help. Alternatively, please distribute the items as widely as possible. Then more people will get to hear about Aspergillosis Trust and become familiar with its logo and aims.


In exchange for a donation, we will send you your choice of these eye-catching accessories.

Donation list

Item Weight of single item 2nd class UK postage cost Donation
Asper the mouldy man 4g Large Letter £0.88 £4.00
Wristbands 4g Letter 100g £0.65  £2.00
Ribbons               4g Letter 100g £0.65 £1.00
Car Stickers  4g      Letter 100g £0.65  £2.00
Notepads 86g Large letter 100g £0.88 £1.00
Keyrings 14g Large letter 100g £0.88 £2.00
Cotton shoppers 68g Large letter 100g £0.88 £4.00
Post it notes 50g Large letter 100g £0.88 £1.00

T-shirt Logo   


T-shirt Don’t Give Up 

205g (2XL Large Letter 2.5cm thickness 250g £1.83              














Greetings cards                          

















1 for £1.20 – 6 for £6.00




Badges 4g Letter £0.65 £1.00
Pens 4g Letter £0.65 £1.75
Calendars 212g Large Letter £1.83 £8.83


We also have sunflower lanyards which symbolise hidden disabilities.  We request a £1 donation for posting. 



  • Postage for items is at cost.
  • We don’t charge for packing.
  • NOTE: We are happy to post to locations outside of the UK. In each case, we will need to work out and agree on postage costs with you before completing the order. In this  instance please wait for our email before paying.
  • If you are unsure of postage on multiple items please contact Jill Fairweather at

Please state:

  • First name & surname, not ‘anonymous’ as we won’t know who to send the order to!
  • Size for T-shirts (S, M, L, XL, 2XL – see size guide below) and colour (black or white).
  • Aspergillosis Trust T-shirt size guide
Size Chest – cm Chest – inches
Small (S) 89 – 94 35 – 37
Medium (M) 97 – 102 38 – 40
Large (L) 104 – 109 41 – 43
Extra Large (XL) 112 – 117 44 – 46
Extra, extra large (2XL) 119 – 124 47 – 49

Donation Amount (please write this down, as you will need it later)



Enter donation amount in £ sterling. Please note that this does not take any payment, this is for our admin purposes only. Payment is taken later in this process.
Please include quantity and for T-shirts state size and colour.





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